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LT Phone orders, suggestions, complaints tel.8-600 52774, e-mail vaidas@odvilna.lt
Phone orders, suggestions, complaints tel +370-600 58878, электронная почта info@odvilna.lt
EN Phone orders, suggestions, complaints e-mail odvilna@odvilna.lt

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All dreams of creating a warm and cozy home, it will help to realize our company offering a wide range of

Leather hats, gloves, belts, wool products and bedding, purses, skins for interior as well as other
Accessories depending on the season.

Gloves leather, fur, down and fingered mittens

Fur hats, leather


Pillows down the various dimensions

Fur sheepskin, cows, wild boar, antelope, gazelles, badger, mountain goats, Tuscany, Daniel

Wool (waist belts, ties roads, bends)

Down jackets, fur, leather

Bathrobes wool, cotton

Woolen socks

Car seats, chairs woolen mats

Leather slippers with wool, fur, terry, cotton

Natural straw summer hats, linen, dried sea grass Ivar design

Bath hats, aprons

Wraps down


Leather wallet

Leather Belts

Medical Shoes

Kids envelopes natural wool with a zipper or cots to prams from birth up to a year and a half

Summer-Maid leather, down, fur slippers

Summer flip-flops (saffron) men, women and children.

Lithuanian Linen products (women"s dresses, blouses, ladies" and men"s pants, shirt)

NEW Woollen garments (men"s sweaters, women"s sundresses, dresses)

Wide range of products and quality is our calling card. Our products are made from natural leather, merino sheep wool, sheep, goat, cow fur, linen, cotton.

Looking for a gift, do not bother you visit with us and our staff will help you choose products from natural
leather, fur, Your .Wool a gift made with joy and remember you every day because our product is practical and long bearing and if they fail to select from a wide range that you can buy a gift voucher.

Do not pay expensive to buy a cheaper!


PC RYO Panevėžio filialas

PC RYO Panevėžio filialas