Skin Care

SKIN - excellent material. It"s active, breathe"" CONDUCTIVITY has good properties, at the same time elastic, and strong, moreover, withstand Various stretching. GOOD LEATHER IS SOFT, perfect snug.
It is suitable for various items product, such as. Clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture. TO THE LEATHER PRODUCTS long service and look great, THEY NEED to properly care for.

Several skin care rules
All skin care procedures (if possible) should start from the inside.
Clean the skin in any way can not be used such strong measures as benzene, acetone, paint remover, and so on.
Leather wet clothing should be dried only hung on a hanger. All products of the skin should be dried at room temperature, away from heating devices.
Leather items can not be in bags, made ​​of artificial materials.
Leather products can be compared only on the inside, and only through the fabric. Need to choose wool for temperature mode.
Leather dyes may be sensitive to sunlight, and leather items should not be lit in their place.
Leather does not like very frequent cleaning.

To wear a good pair of leather gloves before use, you must first take care of them properly. New leather gloves should be thoroughly treated by any specific measure in order to protect from moisture and dirt. If you follow this rule, leather gloves will protect against moisture, stains will be easier to clean and thus prolong the wear of time.

Skin cleansing
Leather skin does not equal. It can be very diverse. Different types of skin care varies.
Napa leather (nappa) (Leather at how shiny surface (partially covered), as well as aniline leather)
Covered leather - so that the outer side of a well-worked paint and artificial resin layer.
This type of skin is virtually stain. Dirt can be cleaned with mild soap specifically for foam.
This type of skin"s outer layer can wear.
Nabucco - (from the cut side brushed leather). - Maintenance of Velour.
Šrumpfas (schrumpfleder) - (creased skin surface) anesthesia. It should be regularly treated with protective agents.
Sponge to clean the skin with measures to Napa.
Leather imprinted with a design or pattern (Gepragte Leder) - (napa or velor with a drawing) maintenance - as Napa and velor.

Rinse skin (waschleder) - (chamois or specially tanned leather) is usually natural colors. Hand washable 30 * temperature. It should be well rinsed and never shrink, Once the dried, Do not tumble dry suspension.
Velour leather - on the velor gloves over time can cause skin dust particles.

They can:
Vacuuming pump;
Clean with a damp cloth;
Clean the adhesive

If you get a stain from rain - unclean velor hair should be repeated annually sponge or brush against the grain or with the grain.
Dusty velor - should be cleaned regularly with a brush specifically intended.
If velours dirty - Fan the soiled areas should be cleaned with a brush specifically intended velor.
If you are fat, oil or other stubborn stains - be treated special velor skin differences removers, repeated annually cotton cloth.

Coat - velours (Pelzvelour) - (from sheep, lambs, goats, from the inside-coat on the outside - velvety skin) - moist or wet wool need to comb against the grain, against a tissue selected wool for temperature. If necessary, coat the hair with hair spray can be locked.

Coat-Napal - (inner side - velor covered with muslin paint layer and the outer - fur)
Recommended protective treatment (initially it would be necessary to check the reaction);
Since water stains should be cleaned with special sponge or eraser. Can be used specifically for skin scrapers;
Do not use liquid stain removers. This type of product is not recommended to clean any of the treatment plant, the better - a specialized leather treatment plant.

Skin care products can be purchased in some shoes, haberdashery, chemical stores.