Linen clothes

Linen products (women"s dresses, blouses, ladies and men"s pants, shirt)

We can buy summer hats sun natural straw, flax, dried seaweed, various designs.

While traveling on vacation do not forget to visit us, that should not have any unpleasant surprises on holiday trip or the hat will choose natural linen clothes which will look not only comfortable, but also free and exclusive.

Some models are available with big discounts


Linen - This is one of the oldest textiles in the world. Sing, and described by our ancestors. Linen fabric is very strong and elastic, so quickly crumpled, but after each wash becoming švelnensnis. Linen fabric gets wet and dries, is breathable, and allows our skin to breathe under all weather conditions, the body cools on a hot day and warms the cool night. Linen fabric - all natural fiber that does not harm the environment and ecology.

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